Industry Champion of Retirement Security Award

IRI's Champion of Retirement Security Award was established in 2013 to recognize policymakers' work to enhance retirement security in the United States. The award is bestowed upon policymakers who support and advance IRI-supported policies to improve retirement security for America's workers and retirees.

IRI broadened this program in 2019 to acknowledge currently serving insured retirement industry leaders who make valuable contributions toward expanding retirement security; influence, develop, and improve the industry's ability to serve clients, employees, and communities; and uphold rigorous professional and ethical standards.

IRI 2023 Industry Champion of Retirement Security


Congratulations to Bill Lowe, President with Sammons Institutional Group, for receiving the 2023 Industry Champion of Retirement Security Award.


Previous Award Recipients - Industry

2022 - Paula Nelson, Global Atlantic Financial Group
2019 - Will Fuller, Lincoln Financial Group


Award recipients are leaders with vision and passion who go above and beyond to advance not only their company's business but to influence the industry to achieve purposeful outcomes. Recipients seek and accept industry leadership roles at IRI and other well-regarded industry organizations. They actively participate and influence outcomes to advance the industry in accordance with IRI strategic pillars in advocacy, operations and technology, diversity, equity, and inclusion, member engagement, and other critical areas. Finally, these leaders are committed to IRI's mission and vision to advance policies to help America's workers and retirees achieve a dignified retirement, are highly respected among their peers, and exemplify the insured retirement industry's ideals and high ethical and professional standards.

Nomination Process

IRI Executive Committee recommends and selects candidates from among currently serving insured retirement industry executives for IRI’s Industry Champion of Retirement Security award.


The recipient will be announced and honored at IRI’s 2024 Annual Conference. The recipient will also be recognized as a Hall of Fame recipient.