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Vue.js is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces that aims to be incrementally adoptable. Vue.js is mainly used for front-end development and requires an intermediate level of HTML and CSS. Vue.js questions are highly version specific and should always be tagged with [vuejs2] or [vuejs3] in addition to this tag.

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What is "not assignable to parameter of type never" error in TypeScript?

Code is: const foo = (foo: string) => { const result = [] result.push(foo) } I get the following TS error: [ts] Argument of type 'string' is not assignable to parameter of type 'never'. What ...
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Vue.js - How to properly watch for nested data

I'm trying to understand how to properly watch for some prop variation. I have a parent component (.vue files) that receive data from an ajax call, put the data inside an object and use it to render ...
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Why does Prettier not format code in VS Code?

In my Nuxt application where ESlint and Prettier are installed and enabled, I switched to Visual Studio Code. When I open a .vue file and press CMD+ Shift + P and choose Format Document, my file does ...
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How can I get query parameters from a URL in Vue.js?

How can I fetch query parameters in Vue.js? E.g. Can’t find a way to fetch or do I need to use pure JS or some library for this?
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How to listen for 'props' changes

In the VueJs 2.0 docs I can't find any hooks that would listen on props changes. Does VueJs have such hooks like onPropsUpdated() or similar? Update As @wostex suggested, I tried to watch my property ...'s user avatar
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How to fix 'Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received' chrome issue?

I'm using VueJS and Laravel for my project. This issue started to show lately and it shows even in the old git branches. This error only shows in the Chrome browser.
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Disable input conditionally (Vue.js)

I have an input: <input type="text" id="name" class="form-control" name="name" v-model="" :disabled="validated ? ''...
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What does the @ mean inside an import path?

I'm starting out a new vue.js project so I used the vue-cli tool to scaffold out a new webpack project (i.e. vue init webpack). As I was walking through the generated files I noticed the following ...
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Can you force Vue.js to reload/re-render?

Just a quick question. Can you force Vue.js to reload/recalculate everything? If so, how?
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Difference between v-model and v-bind on Vue.js?

I'm learning Vue with an online course and the instructor gave me an exercise to make an input text with a default value. I completed it using v-model but, the instructor chose v-bind:value, and I don'...
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Vue.js - How to remove hashbang #! from url?

How to remove hashbang #! from url? I found option to disable hashbang in vue router documentation ( ) but this option removes #! and just put # Is ...
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TypeError: this.getOptions is not a function

I am facing a weird error when I installed Bootstrap. The error is below. I tried uninstalling less-loader and installing [email protected], because I saw it online, but it did nothing. I am unsure ...
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Can I pass parameters in computed properties in Vue.Js

is this possible to pass parameter in computed properties in Vue.Js. I can see when having getters/setter using computed, they can take a parameter and assign it to a variable. like here from ...
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Call a Vue.js component method from outside the component

Let's say I have a main Vue instance that has child components. Is there a way of calling a method belonging to one of these components from outside the Vue instance entirely? Here is an example: ...
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How to watch store values from vuex?

I am using vuex and vuejs 2 together. I am new to vuex, I want to watch a store variable change. I want to add the watch function in my vue component This is what I have so far: import Vue from '...
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Vue v-on:click does not work on component

I'm trying to use the on click directive inside a component but it does not seem to work. When I click the component nothings happens when I should get a 'test clicked' in the console. I don't see any ...
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308 votes
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How to add external JS scripts to VueJS Components?

I've to use two external scripts for the payment gateways. Right now both are put in the index.html file. However, I don't want to load these files at the beginning itself. The payment gateway is ...
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304 votes
22 answers

'Property does not exist on type 'never'

This is similar to #40796374 but that is around types, while I am using interfaces. Given the code below: interface Foo { name: string; } function go() { let instance: Foo | null = null; ...
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Vue 2 - Mutating props vue-warn

I started series. I stopped on the lesson Vue, Laravel, and AJAX with this error: vue.js:2574 [Vue warn]: Avoid mutating a prop directly since ...
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Difference between the created and mounted events in Vue.js

Vue.js documentation describes the created and mounted events as follows: created Called synchronously after the instance is created. At this stage, the instance has finished processing the ...
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How to call function on child component on parent events

Context In Vue 2.0 the documentation and others clearly indicate that communication from parent to child happens via props. Question How does a parent tell its child an event has happened via props?...
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12 answers

Methods vs Computed in Vue

What is the main difference between a method and a computed value in Vue.js? They seem the same and interchangeable to me.
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Passing event and argument to v-on in Vue.js

I pass a parameter in v-on:input directives. If I don't pass it, I can access the event in the method. Is there any way I can still access the event when passing the parameter to the function? Note ...
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error /node_modules/node-sass: Command failed

When I tried install vue store front in my local but when I tried "yarn install" command I get following error. How can I solve this error? How can I solve this error? error /var/www/html/vue-...
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6 answers

Display unescaped HTML in Vue.js

How can I manage to get HTML interpreted inside a mustache binding? At the moment the break (<br />) is just displayed/escaped. Small Vue app: var logapp = new Vue({ el: '#logapp', data: { ...
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Vue Js - Loop via v-for X times (in a range)

How can I repeat a loop via v-for X (e.g. 10) times? <!-- want to repeat this (e.g.) 10 times --> <ul> <li v-for="item in shoppingItems"> {{ }} - {{ item....
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Vuex Action vs Mutations

In Vuex, what is the logic of having both "actions" and "mutations?" I understand the logic of components not being able to modify state (which seems smart), but having both actions and mutations ...
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forEach is not a function error with JavaScript array

I'm trying to make a simple loop: const parent = this.el.parentElement console.log(parent.children) parent.children.forEach(child => { console.log(child) }) But I get the following error: ...
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Is there a way to dispatch actions between two namespaced vuex modules?

Is it possible to dispatch an action between namespaced modules? E.g. I have Vuex modules "gameboard" and "notification". Each are namespaced. I would like to dispatch an action ...
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247 votes
5 answers

How to pass a value from Vue data to href?

I'm trying to do something like this: <div v-for="r in rentals"> <a bind-href="'/job/'"> {{ r.job_title }} </a> </div> I can't figure out how to add the value of ...
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18 answers

vuejs update parent data from child component

I'm starting to play with vuejs (2.0). I built a simple page with one component in it. The page has one Vue instance with data. On that page I registered and added the component to html. The ...
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Difference between @click and v-on:click Vuejs

The questions should be enough clear. But I can see that someone use: <button @click="function()">press</button> Someone use: <button v-on:click="function()">...
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15 answers

What is the difference between the views and components folders in a Vue project?

I just used the command line (CLI) to initialize a Vue.js project. The CLI created a src/components and src/views folder. It has been a few months since I have worked with a Vue project and the ...
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Vue.js redirection to another page

I'd like to make a redirection in Vue.js similar to the vanilla javascript window.location.href = 'some_url' How could I achieve this in Vue.js?
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236 votes
12 answers

Vuejs: Event on route change

On my main page I have dropdowns that show v-show=show by clicking on the link @click = "show=!show" and I want to set show=false when I change the route. Please advise me on how to realize ...
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12 answers

VueJS conditionally add an attribute for an element

In VueJS we can add or remove a DOM element using v-if: <button v-if="isRequired">Important Button</button> but is there a way to add / remove attributes of a dom element eg for the ...
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18 answers

How to implement debounce in Vue2?

I have a simple input box in a Vue template and I would like to use debounce more or less like this: <input type="text" v-model="filterKey" debounce="500"> However ...
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229 votes
15 answers

How to set URL query params in Vue with Vue-Router

I am trying to set query params with Vue-router when changing input fields, I don't want to navigate to some other page but just want to modify url query params on the same page, I am doing like this: ...
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5 answers

How to call an action from within another action in Vuex?

I have the following setup for my actions: get1: ({commit}) => { //things this.get2(); //this is my question! }, get2: ({commit}) => { //things }, I want to be able to call one action ...
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21 answers

How to change port number in vue-cli project

How to change Port number in Vue-cli project so that it run's on another port instead of 8080.
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3 answers

Vuex - passing multiple parameters to mutation

I am trying to authenticate a user using vuejs and laravel's passport.I am not able to figure out how to send multiple parameters to the vuex mutation via an action. - store - export default new Vuex....
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4 answers

Vue 'export default' vs 'new Vue'

I just installed Vue and have been following some tutorials to create a project using the vue-cli webpack template. When it creates the component, I notice it binds our data inside of the following: ...
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Detect click outside element

How can I detect a click outside my element? I'm using Vue.js so it's gonna be outside my templates element. I know how to do it in Vanilla JS, but I'm not sure if there's a more proper way to do it, ...
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203 votes
14 answers

Using Environment Variables with Vue.js

I've been reading the official docs and I'm unable to find anything on environment variables. Apparently there are some community projects that support environment variables but this might be overkill ...
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203 votes
6 answers

[Vue warn]: Cannot find element

I'm using Vuejs. This is my markup: <body> <div id="main"> <div id="mainActivity" v-component="{{currentActivity}}" class="activity"></div> </div> </body> ...
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Optional param in vuejs router

I need to route to a certain component in two ways - one with a param, one without. I have searched for optional params and somehow can't find much info. So my route: { path: '/offers/:member', ...
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Do we have router.reload in vue-router?

I see in this pull request: Add a router.reload() Reload with current path and call data hook again But when I try issuing the following command from a Vue component: this.$router.reload() I get ...
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How do I hide the VueJS syntax while the page is loading?

maybe this is a trivial question. so, when I run my vuejs application on browser with enables throttling download speed (sets to low connection). I got unfinished vue syntax output in browser. I ...
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Vue: How do I call multiple functions with @click?

How can I call multiple functions in a single @click? (aka v-on:click)? So far I tried Splitting the functions with a semicolon: <div @click="fn1('foo');fn2('bar')"> </div>; ...
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Default values for Vue component props & how to check if a user did not set the prop?

1. How can I set the default value for a component prop in Vue 2? For example, there is a simple movies component that can be used in this way: <movies year="2016"><movies> Vue.component(...
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