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Postman is a client for sending and emulating requests over HTTP. It is most commonly used with API requests. Use for questions about the tool itself. Use with any relevant API tags if you are having issues with a specific use.

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Why does my JavaScript code receive a "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource" error, while Postman does not?

Mod note: This question is about why XMLHttpRequest/fetch/etc. on the browser are subject to the Same Access Policy restrictions (you get errors mentioning CORB or CORS) while Postman is not. This ...
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Converting a Postman request to curl

I am calling my Java webservice (POST request) via Postman in the following manner which works perfectly fine (i.e. I can see my records getting inserted into the database): And, here's how the ...
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How to upload a file and JSON data in Postman?

I am using Spring MVC and this is my method: /** * Upload single file using Spring Controller. */ @RequestMapping(value = "/uploadFile", method = RequestMethod.POST) public @ResponseBody ...
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req.body empty on posts

All of a sudden this has been happening to all my projects. Whenever I make a post in nodejs using express and body-parser req.body is an empty object. var express = require('express') var ...
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Simulate a specific CURL in PostMan

I am using Postman to test some Curl requests to an API server. The API developers gave us the curl command, but I can't send it from the Postman. How to make such a request from the Postman? curl -X ...
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Postman Chrome: What is the difference between form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded and raw

I am using the Postman Chrome extension for testing a web service. There are three options available for data input. I guess the raw is for sending JSON. What is the difference between the other ...
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Postman: How to make multiple requests at the same time

I want to POST data from Postman Google Chrome extension. I want to make 10 requests with different data and it should be at the same time. Is it possible to do such in Postman? If yes, can anyone ...
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How to download excel (.xls) file from API in postman?

I have an API endpoint and an Authorization token for that API. The said API is for .xls report download. How can I view the downloaded .xls file using (if possible) Postman? If it is not possible ...
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"Could not get any response" response when using postman with subdomain

I am using postman to test an API I have, all is good when the request does not contain sub-domain, however when I add a sub-domain to URL I am getting this response. Could not get any response ...
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How to send Basic Auth with axios

I'm trying to implement the following code, but something is not working. Here is the code: var session_url = 'http://api_address/api/session_endpoint'; var username = 'user'; var ...
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How to export specific request to file using postman?

I want to export one specific request from a Postman extension (Chromium) and send it to another developer so that they can import it. How I can do this?
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How can I use Guzzle to send a POST request in JSON?

Does anybody know the correct way to post JSON using Guzzle? $request = $this->client->post(self::URL_REGISTER,array( 'content-type' => 'application/json' ),array(...
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Postman - How to see request with headers and body data with variables substituted

I am using the Postman Chrome plugin to invoke HTTP requests for software testing. I use the Environments feature with Environment and Global Variables to substitute variables in my requests headers ...
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Sending JWT token in the headers with Postman

I'm testing an implementation of JWT Token based security based off the following article. I have successfully received a token from the test server. I can't figure out how to have the Chrome POSTMAN ...
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How to import Swagger APIs into Postman?

Recently I wrote restful APIs with SpringMvc and swagger-ui(v2). I noticed the Import function in Postman: So my question is how to create the file which Postman needed? I am not familiar with ...
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Websocket connections with Postman

I'm using Postman to test an existing REST API. This API calls async functions on the server which return a response over a websocket using StompJS. Is it possible to connect to the websocket using ...
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Postman: sending nested JSON object

I am using ASP.NET Web API: How do I send a POST request to the endpoint using Postman Chrome extension, given Items is a collection: [ { "Items":...
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This subject has been asked a couple of time, but I still don't understand something: When I read answers about No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header issue, it says a setting should be set on ...
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Send POST data via raw JSON with Postman

I've got Postman (the one that doesn't open in Chrome) and I'm trying to do a POST request using raw JSON. In the Body tab I have "raw" selected and "JSON (application/json)" with ...
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How do I format {{$timestamp}} as MM/DD/YYYY in Postman?

In Postman, the dynamic variable {{$timestamp}} inserts the current Unix Time Stamp into a request. (Represented as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970) "currentTime": "1510934784" However, ...
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How to delete session cookie in Postman?

I am testing my API in Postman and am having trouble simulating a log out. If I do a call to delete the session cookie, the session cookie is still there afterwards, and I'm still able to access ...
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4 answers

How to turn off all SSL checks on Postman for a specific site?

Please read this carefully. Please do not send me a link on how to import a certificate. I am using Postman for QA and testing work. I have a test system I frequently rebuild myself and so it is ...
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Where are Postman collections saved?

Where does the standalone Postman client for Windows save collections when working offline? To clarify, I want to find where Postman saves collection files to by default when online syncing is ...
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Sending cookies with postman

I read the manual of sending request with cookie with postman: As the packaged app runs in a sandbox separately from the browser, it can not access cookies set inside the browser. This ...
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How can I generate swagger based off of existing postman collection? [closed]

I am developing a REST API. during development I have used postman (chrome extension) to use and document my API. It is a wonderful tool and I have most of my API endpoints in it. However, as we near ...
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Using Postman to access OAuth 2.0 Google APIs

I am trying to access Proximity Google API using Postman chrome app. I have followed tutorials on postman and google dev website but I'm still getting 401 error message. What am I doing? Step 1 - ...
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Postman addon's like in firefox [closed]

Is there a recommended add-ons in the firefox, which is has the most features that postman have?
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Pass NTLM with Postman

Is there a way to pass Windows Authentication with postman? I have added this in header but still 401 Unauthorized. Authorization: NTLM TkFcYWRtaW46dGVzdA== As suggested by this link. I've ...
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"Post Image data using POSTMAN"

I am trying to POST data to my API. I have a model with an image field where: image = models.ImageField() I have an image on my local box, which I am trying to send. Am I sending it correctly? { ...
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URL encode Postman variable?

I use Postman for REST API testing and parametrize tests with global variables. I should put a phone number into GET request: /path/get?phone={{phone}} but leading + sign in the phone number is ...
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How to send graphql query by postman?

I use POST type URL http://######/graphql Body: query: "query: "{'noteTypes': {'name', 'label', 'labelColor', 'groupName', 'groupLabel', 'imageUrl'}}" But it return "message": "Must provide ...
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What is {{$guid}} used for in Postman?

Postman's official website states that Postman has a few dynamic variables. My question is about: {{$guid}}: Adds a v4 style guid What kind of variable is {{$guid}}? How can it be used in test ...
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FromBody string parameter is giving null

This is probably something very basic, but I am having trouble figuring out where I am going wrong. I am trying to grab a string from the body of a POST, but "jsonString" only shows as null. I also ...
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Sending POST parameters with Postman doesn't work, but sending GET parameters does

I'm trying to test a simple PHP page using the Chrome extension Postman. When I send URL parameters, the script works fine (eg the variables are available in the $_REQUEST parameter). When I send them ...
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PATCH and PUT Request Does not Working with form-data

I am using Laravel to create a RESTFUL application and I test the application with Postman. Currently, there is an issue for PATCH or PUT if the data sent from Postman with form-data. // Parameter `{...
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How to run one request from another using Pre-request Script in Postman

I'm trying to send an authenticated request with one click in postman. So, I have request named "Oauth" and I'm using Tests to store the token in a local variable. var jsonData = JSON.parse(...
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How do you sync Postman with a git repository

I'm wondering how you can sync your Postman config with a git repository. I know you can export and import from Postman to a folder - which is OK - but I wondered if there was something more ...
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Signature expired: is now earlier than error : InvalidSignatureException

I am trying a small example with AWS API Gateway and IAM authorization. The AWS API Gateway generated the below Endpoint : with POST ...
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File upload along with other object in Jersey restful web service

I want to create an employee information in the system by uploading an image along with employee data. I am able to do it with different rest calls using jersey. But I want to achieve in one rest call....
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How to send multiple files in postman ReSTful web service?

I am using ReSTful webservice. I am uploading multiple photos with one function (PHP). I have used $num_files = count($_FILES['myfile']['name']) to count number of files that are to be uploaded but ...
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2 answers

How do I read environment variables in Postman tests?

I'm using the packaged app version of Postman to write tests against my Rest API. I'm trying to manage state between consecutive tests. To faciliate this, the Postman object exposed to the ...
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8 answers

Bearer token in postman

I want to set a Bearer Token in postman For some reason my Postman doesn't have the Bearer Token option in the Auth dropdown What can I do in Postman to show that option? Any ideas where I can find ...
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13 answers

How to install/start Postman native v4.10.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit?

I downloaded Postman for Linux (from, unpacked .tar.gz file into ~/bin/postman and then tried to execute ~/bin/postman/Postman/Postman. Unfortunately it resulted with ...
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11 answers

How to Write Global Functions in Postman

I need help writing a common function to use across a collection of requests which will help with building a framework. I have tried using the below format The following function is declared in the ...
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Export all collections in postman

I have postman with multiple collections I can export one by one, but I don't find any option to export all as is, also when moving to team mode Is there option to export all my collections to ...
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Postman - How to move collections between Workspaces?

I have multiple collections on the same Workspace on Postman. Unfortunately things are starting to get messy, to many Collections from different projects on the same place. How can I move some ...
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Why is it that "No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI" here?

I have code in my controller like so: [Route("api/deliveryitems/InsertIntoPPTData/{stringifiedRecord}")] ...and I'm calling it via Postman like so: http://localhost:21609/api/deliveryitems/...
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How to convert cURL to postman?

Postman has built-in function to convert postman to cURL code, but if I want to convert cURL code to postman, How can I do this efficiently? For example, cURL code as following; curl -v -X POST "...
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How to add a pause between 2 requests in POSTMAN

I have a collection of requests in POSTMAN. I wanted to add a pause between 2 requests but I couldn't find a way to do so from reading their docs. Any idea? UPDATE I only wanted to put a pause after ...
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Postman can't reach localhost

I am in a corporate env so I have to use a proxy to reach servers. This works well in postman and in browsers. What I can't reach is localhost in postman but I can reach localhost in the browser. I ...
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