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Converting PDF Pages to images using Imagick Changes the color

I am using Imagick PHP extension to convert PDF files into Images (JPG, PNG) But every time it converts the file, The color of the output images changes with brightness. I have tried many solutions ...
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Upload file to BackBlaze

I have a form with 2 file inputs and I need to choose a file and upload it to backblaze. This is the function that I created in order to upload the picture. I pass as a parameter the path that I ...
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IIS PHP connect to MSSQL using Windows Authentication and end-user identity

We are on-premises, windows server running PHP behind IIS and a MS SQL Server Cluster on some other server. Is there a way to authenticate the SQL requests from our PHP application with the end-users ...
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Issue with 'Register a Complaint Form' Email Address Configuration in WordPress

I am currently working on implementing a 'Register a Complaint Form' on my WordPress website. The form allows users to enter their name, email, order ID, and the reason for their complaint. Upon ...
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Why some of my laravel queue jobs are executing twice and update balances in database twice?

I am using laravel 8 for my application and every is working fine except sometimes my queue jobs are running twice which is causing database ledger balance to update twice . I found out this issue ...

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Dockerizing Magento 2.4.3-p2 on Ubuntu 22.04

I have been trying to Dockerizing Magento 2.4.3-p2 on my Ubuntu 22.04. So here is my `docker-compose.yml version: '3.0' services: nginx: build: context: . dockerfile: docker/nginx/...
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How to send error-message to Graylog from Symfony-app, inside Kubernetes-cluster

A couple of docker-containers, running inside a Kubernetes Cluster: PHP Nginx MySQL Redis There is a Graylog-instance (version 3), that listens to the stdout and stderr from those containers. In the ...
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How to perform Aadhaar eKYC Authentication via UIDAI and retrieve user details (Name, DOB, Address) with user permitted and OTP verification done?

Concept - I am making web portal in which i want to add aadhaar authentication and get user detail( name, dob and address), if user permitted and verifies OTP then only. language use - php, curl ...