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Microsoft Edge is a web browser released for Windows 10, installed alongside Internet Explorer (IE) 11. Edge is designed to be the replacement web browser to IE, as IE is slated to cease development after IE 11. Edge uses the EdgeHTML layout engine (a fork of Trident) and Chakra Javascript engine.

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ResizeObserver - loop limit exceeded

About two months ago we started using Rollbar to notify us of various errors in our Web App. Ever since then we have been getting the occasional error: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded The thing ...
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Remove Microsoft Edge's phone number styling

I noticed that the new Microsoft Edge browser overrides my styles when it detects phone numbers: <span class="phone">(123)123-1234</span> See this jsfiddle (must be opened using ...
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How to Identify Microsoft Edge browser via CSS?

I'm developing web application and I need to identify Microsoft Edge's browser separately from others, to apply unique styling. Is there a way to identify Edge by using CSS? Just like, <!--[if IE ...
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How to target Microsoft Edge with CSS? [duplicate]

I would like to target Edge and have flexbox behave simliar to Firefox 33 / Chrome, for more detail see this question. Can one target Edge in CSS?
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How to open URL in Microsoft Edge from the command line?

I need to open URL in Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10). When I invoke start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe!MicrosoftEdge then Microsoft Edge is started ...
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How can I detect Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft Edge using JavaScript?

I've looked around a lot, and I understand that there's a lot of ways to detect internet explorer. My problem is this: I have an area on my HTML document, that when clicked, calls a JavaScript ...
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Why does Microsoft Edge open some local websites, but not others, where the domain name is routed to in hosts file

Like a lot of programmers, I test sites locally. I use the hosts file to map domain names to my local ip ( I use qualified domain names, usually with a "d" subdomain (for "development"). ...
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includes() not working in all browsers

right here is a block of my code. It works perfect in fireFox and Chrome. But not in IE. I get the error "Object doesn't support property or method 'includes'" function rightTreeSwapfunc2() { if (...
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What is the User Agent string name for Microsoft Edge?

I'm making a website and I want it to be compatible with the forthcoming Microsoft Edge when it comes out officially. To be more specific, the mobile version of it. Does anyone know what string will ...
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Can't open localhost in Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan) in Windows 10 preview

I installed Windows 10 preview and installed IIS. Open "http://localhost" in Project Spartan can't connect. IE has no problem. What's the problem?
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Is there a Selenium WebDriver available for the Microsoft Edge browser?

As of the date of this post the name "Microsoft Edge" has just been officially announced as the default browser for the new Windows 10. It may be premature to ask but I would like to know if a new ...
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Microsoft Edge redirects http://localhost to https://localhost

I am encountering an issue where I am not able to open my localhost web apps because Microsoft Edge is redirecting the URL http://localhost:3000 to https://localhost:3000. Due to this I get the error ...
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Add new Microsoft Edge to web browser control?

The new Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge has arrived. How can I add it to my web browser control? I need it because the actual web browser control doesn't allow JavaScript and CSS3. I used to also add ...
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How to disable cache in Windows 10 on the Edge browser?

How to disable or delete browser cache in Windows 10 on the Edge browser? There are no options on preferences and developer tools (F12)
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11 answers

Can't open local IIS site in IE or Edge

I have a site set up locally to do development on it and I have added it to iis and edited my host file with the url (see below). However, when I browse to the url I only get the "hmm, we can't reach ...
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Favicon NOT working on Edge

I have a problem with this favicon I generated for a local server php project. It works fine on most browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera) but on Microsoft Edge it doesn't work (It shows ...
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How to target Edge browser with javascript

I know you should do feature detection where possible, but can you detect in Javascript if the browser is the Microsoft Edge browser? I maintain an old product and I want to display a warning that ...
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IE and Edge fix for object-fit: cover;

I'm using object-fit: cover; in my CSS for images on a specific page, because they need to stick on the same height. It works great in most browsers. But when scaling my browser in IE or Edge, the ...
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39 votes
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Remove 'x' Input Decoration In Microsoft Edge (formerly Project Spartan)

In the CSS of a website I'm currently working on we use the following CSS to hide the 'x' button that Internet Explorer 10 and 11 add to input fields for users to clear their contents: input::-ms-...
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How to bypass certificate errors using Microsoft-EDGE

When attempting to access the local git server page Microsoft Edge displays a certificate error because the git server is using a self-signed certificate. I would like to enable access to this ...
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<input> accept Attribute in Microsoft Edge

Anyone know how to get accept working in Edge? <input type="file" accept=".csv"> Works fine in Chrome 44, Firefox 39, IE 11, Opera 31. Also tried <input type="file" accept=".csv,text/csv"...
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How can I open a local HTML file in Microsoft Edge browser?

Since time immemorial, most web browsers have been able to open a local file if you ran the web-browser executable, for example just execute iexplore.exe file:/c:/temp/file or via the IShellDocView ...
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how to detect IE and Edge browsers in CSS?

Is there an standard way to detect IE and Edge browsers in css? I saw responses for detecting in javascript file but I am looking for one in css
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How to hide the eye from a password input in MS Edge and IE [duplicate]

I now found an answer: It just works when I add display: none !important;. I dont know, what exactly is blocking the display: none; but if someone else has this error, try to add !important and check ...
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8 answers

MSHTML DLL on Windows 10

I have a C# solution that makes use of Smith Html Editor (I'm developing on the main project which uses this, so I don't know much about this library), which makes a reference to MSHTML. This worked ...
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New Response from Stream in Microsoft Edge

Does someone know of a way to create a new Response from a ReadableStream in Microsoft Edge? For Chrome, this is quite simple. You can just take a ReadableStream and pass it in the constructor of ...
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How to center the cursor in a text input having a placeholder in Edge without JS?

It works in every browser except Edge. Is there a pure CSS workaround? input { text-align: center } <input placeholder="placeholder" />
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Taming the automatic telephone number thing in the windows 10 edge browser

Windows 10's edge browser seems to detect phone numbers even if there's no phone app installed on the system. It formats the phone number in blue with an underline even if it's just in the plain text ...
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What is instantSearchSDKJSBridgeClearHighlight?

Sometimes I get ReferenceError in my sentry with this instantSearchSDKJSBridgeClearHighlight. Google says nothing. All I found is and https://github....
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How do I enable Java in Microsoft Edge web browser?

My corporate web application is using Java applet to access users file system. There is no way for us to replace it with anything else for now. How do I enable Java in Microsoft Edge?
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28 votes
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Why is Bootstrap trying to load LESS files in Edge?

I have a web page using Twitter Bootstrap. It works well in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. However, when I try to view it in Edge on Windows 10, I get a bunch of 403 errors saying it failed to load a ...
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Data URI link <a href="data: doesn't work in Microsoft Edge

This simple code works perfectly everywhere except Microsoft Edge: <a href="data:text/plain;charset=utf-8,Test">link</a> [JSFiddle] In Microsoft Edge I'm getting "That's odd...Microsoft ...
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Video buffering in IE/Edge using Media Source Extensions

We are trying to use MSE (Media Source Extensions) to show real time video on a website. We are sending frames over websocket and trying our hardest to keep latency down. Our current prototype is ...
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Is this an IE11 Radio Button rendering bug (they look like googly eyes)?

I'm working on a website that has a handful of radio buttons. In most browsers everything looks fine, but in IE11 some of the radio buttons look like googly eyes. Now, is this a bug in IE11 or am I ...
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12 answers

Disable input text suggestions in Edge?

I have built a textbox dropdown AngularJS component which works great in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. A feature of this component is that you type in a string, and then can use the ...
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On Edge Browser, how to change input placeholder text color using CSS?

On Edge Browser, I couldn't able to change input placeholder color. :-ms-input-placeholder is not working but works fine on IE 10 & IE 11. input:-ms-input-placeholder { font-style:italic; ...
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25 votes
2 answers

How to change the color of the scrollbar for Microsoft Edge?

I want make the scrollbar for my site dark and customize it. It works on Chrome with ::-webkit-scrollbar but it doesn't work on Edge -- I couldn't find way changing the scrollbar color on Microsoft ...
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Rendering artifacts on Bootstrap modals in IE11 and Edge

I am repeatedly experiencing Rendering artifacts on several versions of IE11 and Edge, as well as several different devices with different graphics cards and drivers, and different update states of ...
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Unzipping Large ZIP Archives on Mac (like latest Microsoft Edge VM)

After trying to unzip the latest Microsoft Edge Vm zip file on my mac I end up with a *.cpgz file. Its supposed to result in a *.ova file for virtualBox. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Microsoft Edge Image Scaling

How do i make an image scale with bicubic for MS Edge? Is there some CSS or similar that can change the behavour. See this page: On the right there are two ...
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3 answers

Why is a "You'll need a new app to open this localhost" popup being displayed when debugging my core 2.0 app in Edge?

I'm simply entering "MyMessages/Index" after localhost:51531/ and this popup is being displayed. Seems super weird to me but probably something simple. So I try to navigate to localhost:51531/...
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22 votes
3 answers

XMLHttpRequest: Network Error 0x80070005, Access is denied on Microsoft Edge (but not IE)

I have a very simple ajax request (see below). The server is using CORS and works fine in IE 10+, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. On Microsoft Edge however, it fails with XMLHttpRequest: Network Error ...
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Microsoft Edge: local/session storage are not working in a new tab

I'm working on a Web Application hosted in Azure. I've tried it on MS Edge (build 20.10525.0.0) and got the following problem. I have a link with target _blank to open in a new tab a page. On the ...
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Edge: SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number

My page works fine in Chrome and Firefox: However, when I try to load this page in Edge, the questions and answers disappear. Only the categories are posted. Also, when trying to load this page in IE,...
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How to publish Edge extensions on the Windows Store?

Since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update I started developing extensions for Edge. I'd like to publish some of them on the Windows Store however I don't know how. I'm currently sideloading the ...
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SEC7117 Error when trying to load a javascript file in MS Edge

I'm getting this error when trying to load a javascript file from another server when using microsoft edge. I have a feeling it's related to the server being http instead of https, but I'm not sure. ...
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getElementById fails on very specific ID that is definitively in the DOM tree on IE 11, possibly Edge - why?

In Microsoft IE and (according to comments) Edge, getElementById() on an ID that is exactly "extTabsBodyEleFile1273551781_renderTo" fails. <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <body> &...
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How to keep Microsoft Edge from reloading my page as soon as memory hits the 4GB mark?

I'm in the process of refactoring a demo where +70,000 flight trajectories with approximately 3,500,000 recorded positions are loaded into a map with live 2D to 3D switching. As you can imagine, this ...
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Unable to set cookies in Selenium Webdriver

I'm trying to add cookies to a link before I open it with webdriver but it keeps giving me this error: org.openqa.selenium.UnableToSetCookieException: Unable to set cookie (WARNING: The server did ...
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ScrollTo method doesn't work in Edge

I use scroll in my method const scrollToCenter = () => { const kon = document.querySelector('.clazz'); const width = kon.offsetWidth; kon.scrollTo(width / 2, 0); }; and it works fine in ...
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