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ImageMagick is an open source software suite for displaying, converting and editing raster image files.

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ImageMagick security policy 'PDF' blocking conversion

The Imagemagick security policy seems to be not allowing me perform this conversion from pdf to png. Converting other extensions seem to be working, just not from pdf. I haven't changed any of the ...
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How to convert a SVG to a PNG with ImageMagick?

I have a SVG file that has a defined size of 16x16. When I use ImageMagick's convert program to convert it into a PNG, then I get a 16x16 pixel PNG which is way too small: convert test.svg test.png ...
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Convert PDF to image with high resolution

I'm trying to use the command line program convert to take a PDF into an image (JPEG or PNG). Here is one of the PDFs that I'm trying to convert. I want the program to trim off the excess white-...
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Replace transparency in PNG image with white background

I have a PNG image with an alpha channel (i.e. transparency), and I need to create versions with the image layer composed onto a white background. I want to use a scriptable command using a CLI tool ...
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convert:not authorized `aaaa` @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/453

I want to create a captcha pic by use convert from ImageMagick. And I follow this, but there are some problem . Input In my linux shell: convert -background white -fill black -font FreeSerif-Bold -...
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Recommendation for compressing JPG files with ImageMagick

I want to compress a JPG image file with ImageMagick but can't get much difference in size. By default the output size is bigger than the input. I don't know why, but after adding some +profile ...
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rmagick gem install "Can't find Magick-config"

I get the error shown below when attempting to install the rmagick gem. I am on Snowleopard 10.6 using RVM, Ruby 1.9.2-head and Rails 3.05. Responses to similar questions recommended installing ...
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“Diff” an image using ImageMagick

How can I get the difference between two images? I have the original image. Someone has written on an exact duplicate of the original image. Now, I need to compare the original to the written on image ...
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RMagick installation: Can't find MagickWand.h

Updating RMagick and Imagemagick is a painful expierence. I have updated the Imagemagick version on my mac (MacOS El Capitan Version 10.11.5) with homebrew for one project in Ruby 2.3 to 6.9.5-9 $ ...
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How to remove EXIF data without recompressing the JPEG? [closed]

I want to remove the EXIF information (including thumbnail, metadata, camera info... everything!) from JPEG files, but I don't want to recompress it, as recompressing the JPEG will degrade the quality,...
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Set transparent background using ImageMagick and commandline prompt

Suppose you have any image (PNG or JPG). This image has a white background and I need to make this background transparent. I have tried with these examples: convert original.png -background none ...
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Merge Images Side by Side (Horizontally)

I have five images of sizes: 600x30, 600x30, 600x30, 600x30, 810x30. Their names are: 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, 4.png, respectively. How do I merge them Horizontally to make an image of size ...
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Ruby: Installing rmagick on Ubuntu

I'm trying to get RMagick setup on Ubuntu 10.04. Looked here but had no joy. I even compiled and installed ImageMagick from source, but the instructions here still didn't help me when I try to install ...
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Convert SVG image to PNG with PHP

I'm working on a web project that involves a dynamically generated map of the US coloring different states based on a set of data. This SVG file gives me a good blank map of the US and is very easy ...
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Imagemagick: Convert to fixed width, proportional height

Using the imagemagick convert command, how can I resize an image to a fixed width and proportional height e.g. using the -resize or the -thumbnail option?
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Convert PDF to PNG using ImageMagick

using ImageMagick, what command should i use to convert a PDF to PNG? I need highest quality, smallest file size. this is what I have so far (very slow by the way): convert -density 300 -depth 8 -...
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Detect EXIF Orientation and Rotate Image using ImageMagick

Canon DSLRs appear to save photos in landscape orientation and uses exif::orientation to do the rotation. Question: How can imagemagick be used to re-save the image into the intended orientation ...
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Verify ImageMagick installation

My web hosting said ImageMagic has been pre-installed on the server. I did a quick search for "ImageMagick" in the output of phpinfo() and I found nothing. I can't SSH in the server so is there a way ...
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Batch resize images and output images to new folder with ImageMagick

Current image folder path: public_html/images/thumbs Output image folder path: public_html/images/new-thumbs I have 10 video thumbs per video in current folder, named of image thumbs: 1-1.jpg 1-2....
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cache resources exhausted Imagemagick

I'm using Imagemagick on a rails app with Minimagick and I generate some pictogram with it. When I launch my process I have this error and I don't find a solution: MiniMagick::Error (`convert -limit ...
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What is the difference for sample/resample/scale/resize/adaptive-resize/thumbnail operators in ImageMagick convert?

I found multiple ways to change the resolution of an image using convert: -sample -resample -scale -resize -adaptive-resize -thumbnail What's the difference of those? If I need to make various size ...
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GD vs ImageMagick vs Gmagick for jpg? [closed]

I am in the step to abandon GD for manipulating image in my website - it is awful. Everyone saying to use ImageMagick because they are better than GD, but what about ImageMagick vs Gmagick (Swiss ...
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Storing image in database directly or as base64 data?

The common method to store images in a database is to convert the image to base64 data before storing the data. This process will increase the size by 33%. Alternatively it is possible to directly ...
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Converting a PDF to PNG

I'm trying to convert a PDF to a PNG image (at least the cover of one). I'm successfully extracting the first page of the PDF with pdftk. I'm using imagemagick to do the conversion: convert cover.pdf ...
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With ImageMagick, how can you see all available fonts?

ImageMagick can draw text into a picture in a given font, how can I see all available fonts for my system?
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How do I modify a Homebrew formula?

I installed ImageMagick via Homebrew. However, due to a bug I have with my current configuration, I need to adjust the compile flags for the formula and reinstall it. How can I accomplish this?
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Convert SVG to transparent PNG with antialiasing, using ImageMagick

I want to convert SVG images to PNG files with transparent background and anti-aliased edges (using semi-transparent pixels). Unfortunately I can't get ImageMagick to do the anti-aliasing, the edges ...
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What is the difference between ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick?

I've found myself evaluating both of these libs. Apart from what the GraphicsMagick comparison says, I see that ImageMagick still got updates and it seems that the two are almost identical. I'm just ...
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Converting GIF's, PNG's and JPG's to .ICO files using Imagemagick

From: JPG, To: ICO; /usr/bin/convert -resize x16 -gravity center -crop 16x16+0+0 input.jpg \ -transparent white -colors 256 output/favicon.ico This is the output for the command line. From: GIF's, ...
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How do I crop an animated gif using ImageMagick?

There's plenty of information about cropping images, but attempting to crop (or trim) animations produces strange results. Sometimes they flicker, or come with extra frames, or some frames crop ...
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How to execute ImageMagick to convert only the first page of the multipage PDF to JPEG?

How do I execute ImageMagick's convert if I want a JPEG from the first page only of a multi-page PDF?
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ImageMagick: scale JPEG image with a maximum file-size

I have a number of JPEG pictures which I would like to scale down. Another requirement is that the file size should not be larger than say 300kByte. Is that possible, please help me with an example =)...
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Convert RGB to Grayscale in ImageMagick command-line

How do I convert a RGB image (3 channels) to a grayscale one, using the (r+g+b)/3 method? I look through an examples page: but the desired method:...
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ImageMagick: Error while running convert: convert: unable to read font

I'm on Mountain Lion and installed ImageMagick using Homebrew (minimagick is also in my Gemfile but I don't think that's relevant). SimpleCaptcha uses it in a Rails app to create CAPTCHAs. However, ...
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ImageMagick no decode delegate

I'm trying to convert an image with imagemagick, but I'm getting this error: convert: no decode delegate for this image format `//' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/532. I'm ...
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Imagemagick Convert PDF to JPEG: FailedToExecuteCommand `"gswin32c.exe" / PDFDelegateFailed

I have PDFs that I need to convert to images. I have installed Imagemagick. I have a PDF named a.pdf that I can open (it is not corrupt) in the folder C:\Convert\ From the command line I am trying ...
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ImageMagick and OS X Lion trouble

[edit] I was troubleshooting problems with my development environment when I noticed one of my problems was the dependency on ImageMagick, since it's a vital part of my app. After upgrading to OS X ...
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Use ImageMagick to place an image inside a larger canvas

Getting started with ImageMagic and trying to find a way to do this... If an image is less than 50 pixels tall or 50 pixels wide, I'd like to place it (un-scaled) in the horizontal/vertical center of ...
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ImageMagick not authorized to convert PDF to an image

I have a program, in which I need to convert a PDF to an image using Image Magick. I do that using the subprocess package: cmd = 'magick convert -density 300 '+pdfFile+'['+str(rangeTuple[0])+'-'+str(...
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ImageMagick extend canvas with transparent background

convert input.png -extent 100x100 -gravity center -background white output.png If the input is 50x50 the surrounding background is white. Can I somehow set this to transparent without declaring any ...
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Error installing Rmagick on Mountain Lion

I have seen other people with the same issue of installing RMagick on Mountain Lion However none of the suggested solutions have allowed me to successfully install rmagick. Here is the error message ...
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ImageMagick / RMagick - Can't install RMagick 2.13.1. Can't find Magick-config

I used a script to install ImageMagick After a while, I got ImageMagick installed. Then I ran sudo gem install rmagick and got Building native extensions....
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Trim whitespace using PIL

Is there a simple solution to trim whitespace on the image in PIL? ImageMagick has easy support for it in the following way: convert test.jpeg -fuzz 7% -trim test_trimmed.jpeg I found a solution for ...
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ImageMagick: convert image to PDF with A4 page size and image fit to page

I want to convert different image formats (bmp,jpg,gif,png,tiff-incluging multipaged) into a PDF format with A4 page size and with images fit to page (resized if necessary). Image should be positioned ...
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How to extract frames from a GIF file preserving frame dimensions

I have the following GIF image file: I want to extract its frames (using PGM output format) using this imagemagick command: convert brocoli.gif out%05d.pgm But each frame has a different size. How ...
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Resize existing images to new style in paperclip & RMagick

I've been using paperclip to upload and auto-resize photos in my Rails app, and I love it. Only problem is about every other month my crazy manager decides he wants a new size to display the photos in....
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Can I access ImageMagick API with Python?

I need to use ImageMagick as PIL does not have the amount of image functionality available that I am looking for. However, I am wanting to use Python. The python bindings (PythonMagick) have not been ...
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ImageMagick PDF to JPGs sometimes results in black background

I have the following: ghostscript-fonts-5.50-24 ImageMagick-6.7.2-1 ghostscript-9.02-1 Which I use to create a series of JPGs for each page using: convert -density 175 -colorspace sRGB test.pdf -...
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imagemagick: create a .png file which is just a solid rectangle

I want to create a .png file which is just a solid color. This must be easy to do using ImageMagick but I can't figure out the problem: C:\tmp>convert -size 8x16 -stroke black -fill black -draw "...
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How do I control PDF paper size with ImageMagick?

I have 16 jpg files which are around 920x1200 pixels (the widths slightly differ but heights are all 1200). I'm trying to join them into a pdf with: convert *.jpg foo.pdf But the resulting paper ...
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